Compiled by Don Flemming. Revised by Arthur Ciantar and Paul Ryan.

Back in the year 1895 a group of dedicated anglers got together in a cafe in Sydney and formed a fishing club know today as the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of NSW Limited. The man responsible for the formation was a sydney journalist Mr. Charles Thackeray who was the first secretary and the driving force for many years in the club. Mr. Thackeray held many positions on different committees and was President in 1909 to 1910 and in 1928 to 1929 and again in 1935 to 1936.

His contemporaries affectionately knew Mr. Thackeray as “Wobbygong”. He is considered our founder and his photo hangs in our present Club room at the Canada Bay Community Centre at 1A Gipps Street Concord.

The first president was Mr. Shipway who held the chair for five years.
The fist minutes of the club meetings, which were held in our library were written on the 3rd of February 1896 on the occasion of the first Annual General Meeting. Mr. Shipway was re-elected as presdient, Mr Thackeray and Mr Willis were re-elected as joint secretaries.
The first AGM was held in rooms of Rainfords’ Club Hotel in Oxford St Sydney.

In those early days it was difficult to get attendance and the minutes show meetings had to be abandoned through lack of a quorum. Discussing this problem in June 1896 it was suggested that meetings be held fortnightly or monthly.