About A.F.A


The Amateur Fishermen’s Association “our club” is a family orientated club that invites everyone including ladies and juniors to fish socially or compete in competitions and partake in social events that the club holds throughout the year. We fish many different location types like: Estuary, Beach, Rock, Deep Sea, Game and Freshwater. The club also has fishing trips away in which whole families go away and have a good time together.

The club also has a monthly competition for the biggest fish of a nominated species for that month. We also have what we call The Board Fish which is a year round event that displays the biggest catches of all species i.e. Bream, Trevally, Tailor, Whiting etc. that are caught by the members who then submit a board fish form which is available from the secretary or the Angling Committee Chairman to have their catch put up on the board.

At the weigh in for a competition and on trips away we hold a BBQ and sit around and get to know each other and learn some of the fishing secrets such as where the fish were caught and on what bait (all the little secrets).

At the meeting we get together and discuss all business pertaining to fishing. Afterwards we have a movie, guest speaker or just sit around and talk about fishing with other members which is a good time to get to know the members and ask questions. We are a friendly club and are always only too willing to answer any questions that you may have or simply just to talk.

We also have a segment of the meeting that we call future outings. This is for insurance purposes and also to let other members of the club know where they are fishing, if you would like to tag along then go up to that person and have a talk to them they will more than likely ask you to come along.

The club has two committees. One that runs the financial and business side of the club and an angling committee that handles the fishing comps and fishing outings. Anyone wishing to attend may do so and have a say in the way fishing comps and trips may be conducted, at least you will learn how the club works.